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Finding the right shoes that elevate your mood can be difficult. That is why we made it quick and easy to browse quality shoes based on location and product type. Enter the name of the brand you are looking for or your location to see tons of comfortable high quality shoes and sneakers. Paid no commission fee to buy and get a fast shipping from the seller plus a certificate of authenticity. We legit checked all major sneaker and shoes brands for authenticity - 100% knockoff free.


This is the best reseller site. We make listing with us painless. Simply create an account or login and start selling. To receive funds, setup a PayPal or Stripe account. Create an exceptional experience for the buyer. Get paid every time you make a sale and have a satisfied customer.


We made Ownkicks unique, but we are not an average online marketplace. We use PayPal and Stripe as secure payment systems that both buyers and sellers can trust. Buyers and sellers can communicate with each other to build trust and build a social network of sneaker lovers. Ownkicks caters to YOU, unlike other online buying/selling platforms. Buying and selling kicks online just got easier!